Code of conduct

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Investor Relations Code of Conduct

SPRC recognizes the importance of honest, fair, equal and transparent business operations that can inspire confidence in its shareholders and stakeholders. Therefore SPRC has complied the Investor Relations Code of conduct to establish guidelines by aligning with the guidelines from The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) to which Investor Relations Officers can adhere as follows:-

  1. Disclose material information accurately, sufficiently and timely in accordance with the regulations of the SET and SEC
  2. All directors, executives, Investor Relations Officers and employees who have access and are involved with financial reporting, as well as spouses and minor children of such persons, are prohibited from trading the Company's securities for a period starting one day after the quarter-end or year-end and ending one day (24 hours) after disclosure or publication of the quarterly or annual financial statements to the SET
  3. Ensure that relevant stakeholders are able to access and inquire for necessary information
  4. Perform duties with integrity and professional manner
  5. Do not use confidential information and any insider information for personal benefits
  6. Update and refresh knowledge, rules and regulations continuously to enhance working efficiency
  7. Do not conduct any meeting with investor or analyst 14 calendar days before the announcement date (Silent period)